Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 Weeks for free books

So happy to know that the film was absolutely loved! I feel very proud of it and hope to make many more. My friend who helped me is interested in making more as well as inviting me to participate on some of his films. I'm happy. As I explained earlier to him, I've always been interested in films. My works reflects that with the use of multiple imagery (narratives) and the use of text. What held me back? The lack of skill in using a video camera and editing scares the bejesus outta me. So I am already working on Bunni's next movie. Something with the German I will have learned, maybe a musical...

In two weeks, at this time, I will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I have figured out my luggage situation and my fear of not having enough space is resolved. Its sad to realize that all my stuff will fit in a small suitcase but I have to carry two HUGE ones just for all the "gifts". I shouldn't be complaining but being the efficient/utilitarian person I have become in the last two years, it drives me crazy.

Luckily I have a busy next few days that will help the time pass but next week will be free until Friday. I may just hit the beach. Found out that ordering books off of Amazon Germany and have them shipped to my sister's home is FREE! I love countries that charges no S/H for books. Too bad nothing will be in English but in the process of learning German, I want to pick up a few young adult books in German. Why? The English is MUCH simpler yet not as trite as children's books.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Bunni Goes on an Adventure

Here's is my 3rd video - My first one with sound and editing. You are viewing the really crappy quality version. The almost DVD version is up on Youtube here:


Thursday, August 6, 2009

News x3

Wow, so three new cool things are happening.

One: I'm going back to Switzerland. I will be gone from August 26 - November 23. So expect pictures posted on here. I am resurrecting my email group that I had when I was there back in January 2009 and this time, add a pic every email. As to why I'm going? Well, my sister needs me right now and everyone knows how I work, I go where I'm needed.

Two: I'm making my 3rd film tomorrow. It was a response to "how am I going to tell people that I'm leaving without answering unnecessary questions??" My friend who is a film teacher is helping my put this together. So this will actually be my first film with sound and really good editing! I'm excited. I finished the script and emailed it to him last night so he can make his own notes. I'm so excited that I may ask him to help me with a mockumentary that I've been wanting to make for a decade now. Don't worry, the film will be emailed, posted here and on Facebook. I still don't trust YouTube and still believe it should rot but that's just my opinion.

Three: I posted this on Twitter but this is my second year advancing to the Photographer's Forum Best of Photography (I've always done the college one) International Competition and I am in the top 100 as a Finalist! They haven't chosen yet who placed but I am so excited that my work will be published! How cool is that!

Overall, I'm scared and anxious to be away for so long in a foreign country but its not like I'm alone. I have my sister and nephews to drive me lovingly insane, I'm taking immersion German twice a week, get some writing done and I have a list of museums and events that I want to do. Plus TONS of pictures.

I will be posting one last thing on here before I go.

Have a great day!