Saturday, July 18, 2009

Writing Booster

Currently, I have enjoyed the sudden burst of inspiration to tackle a whole plot line that I have struggled with for the last four years. It has been one of those obstacles that I discussed with Manda-chan well over a decade ago.

In my plotline layout, it came to this one point where I could go either way with my heroine. The road I had pondered over, didn't sit well on my stomach. The ending would be horribly tragic but for all the wrong reasons and that just doesn't work. My people need to suffer in a way that pleases me. The other path, well, I knew it was there but it was dark, under heavy rain and road construction. I tinkered with it, had all these other scenarios, but nothing was right. Until it took a broken heart (sadly mine) to realize what had to be done. The rain stayed but it was no longer dark, just night. Finally! A name, place and why!

I wish I could give more but the only person up to date I no longer talk to and Manda-chan, if I could just get all my thoughts onto a simpler layout, I'd send it to you with a hundred page explanation. My only other problem is where to not begin with this whole thing. I have so much information...

I have to say this only because I can't contain it; I am proud of my heroine for making the hardest decision of her life.

Even better, I am grabbing primer from my storage unit tomorrow. I feel like painting again.