Monday, November 26, 2012

I Shoot Magic Missile at the Closet!

Yesterday, being that it was the last day of my Thanksgiving break, I was couponing in front of the TV, thinking of how thankless couponing is. Then my mind wandered into everything else I had wanted to do that day: playing with the rats, laundry, researching literary agents, fixing my synopsis, finish reading another book. Suddenly, "BOOM!" the closet imploded, everything collapsing into the corner while drywall dust spewed everywhere.

I sat there speechless with a pair of scissors in my hand. The coupon for Energizer batteries fell to the ground, along with my mouth. The damn wire closet racks fell.

Now, a little back story, my mother had the same issue. As we live in this townhome that was built back in the 70s, we are realizing many design flaws. In the room my husband and I occupy, there is no insulation  In the summer, if it's 100 degrees outside, so are we inside. And when it gets cold, we are left shivering at night (we have a floor heather for those nights now). They installed the hooks for the closet racks into the drywall. :/ There were twenty gaping holes where each hook was before it was ripped out.

As the pile groaned, preparing to topple over again, I got up and removed everything. Now we didn't have a lot to begin with. Mostly empty boxes sat on top. My husband's clothes are few and my spartan amount of clothing would embarrass the typical American woman. What do you expect? I've moved constantly, can't carry everything!

I waited for my husband to return, feeling defeated at the pile. He walked into the room with a grin and a bowl of grapes and cauliflower. I cried, he laughed and kissed me. We ate together then began to figure out what to do. After calling for backup and not getting any, we decide to tackle this on our own. We were going into battle.

EIGHT hours later, my husband's side is up. We've re-installed the hardware into the studs. My side is falling down, even the studs wouldn't hold it back up. Sore and exhausted, I am ready to give up. Then we remove my side and decided to retreat from the battle and went to WalMart to buy a clothing rack.

WalMart, as much as I hate you, you did save my life last night. We spent the next hour cleaning, vacuming, and installing the new rack. We threw away the hoards of empty boxes and reorganized everything.

Aching and nearly falling over, we made a simple dinner of fresh bread, cheese, spinach and olives. Somehow, I did finish my first set of research. And we both collapsed.

This morning, I woke up thinking, "So this is what my D&D characters feels like after a campaign." We didn't want to move.

Oh yeah, the closet looks great. Nice not to be visually cluttered. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Simply

So, the homemade pumpkin pie is out of the oven and the ham went in. Yup, ham. We like to be creative every year. :) Plus, I LOVE ham. And my ham is just juicy and delicious. Oh yeah, I'm tootin' my own horn.

There are many things that I am thankful for this year:

1. Health. Even though we don't have health insurance, doing our best to eat healthy and staying fit has kept us out of the doctor's office. Of course since people drive while texting, we do scare of getting into car accidents. Why hasn't texting while driving been banned?

2. A wonderful husband. Nuff said. :)

3. A great job that I enjoy going to everyday! Who doesn't love working with books?!

4. Two gorgeous little Russian blue ratties who have stolen my heart.

5. Being one-step away from homeless, having a roof is a wondrous blessing.

6. Couponing. How else am I supposed to afford feminine items and food! :)

7. Yoga. Keeps that back pain at bay.

8. Still loving to do art.

9. My family. I miss my sister dearly.

10. The couple of friends who do remember me on occasion. :) Being a loner, that's awesome.

I am also grateful to be able to have the creative energy to finish my book. The drive to apply for grad school and hopefully create a better life for my husband and I.

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! Today is the day to be grateful for the things we have: love, family, homes, jobs, etc. Let us remember the people who have nothing and those who are forced to not be with their families so they can sell garbage to the consumers and the materialists.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Energetically Divine

Today, I wanted to help promote the website of a very dear friend, Effie. 
Energetically Divine

Effie offers handmade soaps, lotions and toiletries at very affordable prices. I highly recommend the whipped soap. Goat milk, shea butter, honey silk powder and a hint of vanilla creates this luscious thick soap that is gentle and mild for sensitive skin. I use it on my face because of its gentleness. Her lotions are just as delicate and the best part, no oily residue. It absorbs into the skin leaving a silky smooth texture. 

She also offer fragrant oils and lip balms. What I love about her oils is that the scents are not overpowering (I have allergies to strong scents).

Effie offers more than just products. Her intuitive services reaches out to your guardians. She includes a gem and bath oil that was charged with the energies needed to help ground your energy. A portion of her services does go to help the charities, and The Tibetan Nuns Project (

Thank you so much for checking out her site. Feel free to ask her questions about her products and services!