Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wow! Happy early Chinese New Year!

Aside from the end of the year insanity, it has been a good start to the new year.

I enjoyed my trip to Turkey again. I got to fly Turkish Airlines from Zurich and I could never get over watching the screen where they talk about airplane safety. 1. It takes forever!!! They say it first in Turkish, then its repeated in English. On the corner of the screen a man that looks like Mr. Bean appears and does sign language for the hearing impaired in both Turkish and then in English. There are also subtitles. I like that they are effectively throurough but it is dull. The best part of the whole video is when they list EVERY SINGLE electronic device that is not permitted to use on the plane. Seriously, an electric razor? its only listed because someone has tried to use one!!

I loved seeing my fiance again. We sat in the airport for an hour just looking at each other. All those months of talking and we had nothing to say, just to sit quietly and hold each others hand and look. It was a wonderful moment. Then we began talking. Oh how I have missed him!

mmmmm...ground lentil soup!
Cheesy bread from the corner vendor :D <3
Hot cups of corn from the street vendor
In the Ulus bazaar you can buy leeches!
Hole in the ground toilets. >: | (bad memories of Italy suddenly came to mind)
Brought the wrong shoes to Ankara, so had to go show shopping. Not like I mind but my feet size is unusual for women in Turkey!!! :(
I am marrying the best man on the planet, he suffered through 4 hours of looking for shoes shops that carried my size.
In retrospect, I suffered through 2 days of looking for a suit that will fit him! My beloved is 6'2.5 and very lean. :) While Turkish men are average height and built in the shoulders.
Bought Kebab spices!!
A sweet afternoon eating Turkish Baklava and drinking Cappuccinos.
Keshar cheese!

Then I sadly returned to Switzerland to spend time with my sister and cutie pie nephews. Such handsome little boys! They are just a delight!

My trip was too short this time but I will travel again in 2012.

I came back to then suffer with 2 bulging disks in my lower spine (oh the misery). Thank you work! bastards. But I have used all my wedding savings to get my back into shape. Bittersweet. :/

Walked slowly yesterday with my mother a breast cancer survivor at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I enjoy doing these events with her. It boosts her spirit and how can you say not to walking on a beautiful sunny morning. The best part was walking down the street afterward to grab some munchies at the Green Market.