Monday, August 29, 2011

In someone else's hands.

Such a scary thought. I rarely share my work with anybody or anything for that matter. Last night before bed, I finally got the balls to send off the first 3rd to a good friend. Ugh, my mind is so far away today, thinking of everything that can be wrong.

My husband told me not to doubt myself but being an artist, you of course feel like everything you do is awesome (well some of us anyway) but you know that not everyone is going to like it.

I just hope that the point gets across, its not too slow, not too boring.......

Editing the 2/3 but I may go ahead to start the 3/3. I am happy that it will stay within my goal of 90K- 95K words.

Maybe I should take a short nap before work again. Stop thinking about the book for a bit. :) (like that actually happens)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The best part about writing... that I get to kill people anyway I choose and not have to get in trouble for it! Yay! :D

Hahahaaa... or I should be saying, Muhahahahaa!! (Que lighting and thunder sequence in the background). Yeah, it's late and I feel sinister! but this sinister princess is going to bed in 10 minutes...

Just finally finished setting up for a scene that I will be writing in the next couple of days. For my heroine (not the drug!!!) to progress, I got to kill this one guy. It's not like they like each other but him being dead is crucial to her getting to the next level. Sorry gotta go buddy... it's okay, people will mourn you. Ciao!

A funny scenario happened today. As I am typing away, my husband comes over and i do not even notice him, he suddenly says, "Honey? Are you sad?"

I guess the expression on my face was rather somber. I shook my head, "I'm not here right now." And I am so lost into the scene that I forgot what he said, but I guess it wasn't that important because he just came over and kissed me. cutie pie!

I am actually excited, I saved up money for a net book. I want to keep my laptop for my photo work and use a netbook to work on my writings on. Some people may think a tablet is better but I am not always guaranteed a flat surface to use the portable extra keyboard and I like using a keyboard to type with. I just want a portable device to have Word or, bluetooth and....that's it. My husband who is super techie, helped me choose one to suit my needs and most importantly, one with a keyboard I would like.Yay it will be here Thursday! Super stoked. :)

Off to dreaming of death and murder in the Everglades!

Schlaff Gut alle!