Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fem Awesomeness November - Qatar First Female Judge

I know old news but new news to me!

Qatar’s First Female Judge

HRH Sheikha Maha Al Thani was appointed earlier this year as the first female judge in Qatar, in a move to explicitly aimed at empowering women in the country and making their presence stronger in government. The Sheikha is a member of the ruling royal family.


The article in English is found here. "Dream comes true for Qatar’s first woman judge"

A great line, "Asked if the appointment of female judges in the state was a victory for Qatari women, she said: “I do not see it as a victory. Women have not been defeated to need a victory in Qatar. They are there in all government departments on equal terms with
men.” "

Another English article: "Qatari women praise appointment of first female judge"

Great line: "She said, "The world saw a Qatari female doctor and a Qatari female engineer, and it is not out of the ordinary to see a Qatari female judge, or a female assistant judge, because it is something expected within the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, in the field of development." "

Go Sheikha!

big thanks to my fiance for finding this for me!

22 days until my trip + a wedding dress

Ahhh! Finally! The last 22 days have arrived!

Bought tons of stuff for my niece and my nephews and I cannot wait to see their faces light up! I had been searching everywhere for glitter jeans made by Levi and today, I finally found them at Macy's in Wellington. yay!

The best part of my week was the purchase of my wedding gown from Alfred Angelos! I was only going just to start trying on styles with my best friend and lo and behold, I put on the perfect dress. It was everything i had hoped for. Flirty, sexy, pretty and elegant. Yes, a dress like that exists and I purchased it! Because my fiance does read my blog, I will only post a peek! A sample from the dress. :)

The only downfall is that the white lace i had purchased on a day-trip in Jensen, doesn't match. :( My dress is neither white nor ivory. So luckily, I was able to return it down here and purchased ivory lace. Even though its darker, it will be okay. I am happy with it. :)

EEEEEE!!! I love my dress!

I am thinking that since I will be in Ankara, Turkey for a few days, maybe I should look for a karaoke bar. I think i will hit up CS Ankara and see what the locals recommend. :)


Thursday, September 30, 2010

63 Days until another trip

Ah! so the countdown has begun! In 63 days I will be heading back to Switzerland. 2 days after that, back to Turkey. Then back to CH for some highly needed time with my sister and her critters.

I will be wedding dress shopping in St. Gallen and I look forward to be carrying a dress back with me to the states for my upcoming wedding. How is that going? Currently, at a stand still. With my fiance waiting for his visa interview, there is not much I can do. Without a wedding date, you cannot reserve or book anything, barely can you even get a consultation! ...weddings, its a business...I am not upset, i used to assist in wedding photography, i understand!

Ugh, I am so bad about putting pictures up on this thing. Yes, i need to. I do not like being in front of the computer long so usually after I am done, i turn off my laptop for the day. GASP!! Dare I say I can live without the computer for most of the day???!!! Modern day sacrilege!!

Hahahahaa, some of us prefer to have lives and I enjoy mine. :) I do not understand how people can sit in front of one of these things for hours and hours. There is this really cool place that exists outside your door...

Anyways, I am itching to do another puppet short. I have been working on a few ideas for this one. I would like to do a more serious film. The last short, i experimented with making my own music. Maybe this time, really work on that too.

Next week, i begin belly dancing for 8 weeks. Its been a goal of mine for 5 years and I am happy to begin it. It will finished right before I leave so its a perfect distraction before my trip!

Tutoring is going well also. My student is in Honduras visiting her family for a few weeks so I have been working on how to explain English prepositions better to her. I'd like to try and find like a children worksheet or something...hrm...i think i know a teacher I can bum off of :)

Job hunting is...job hunting. Working at Macy's is okay for now but definitely not something i want to do in the long term. Since i began job hunting 3 years ago, i have applied to well over 300 positions...nothing. I am currently working with the alumni resource personnel to rebuild my paper resume. She thinks its too long and "wordy". Its hard when you have done so much!

My goal this year is to begin a new portfolio and a new sketchbook. Time to have updated work (other than my travels) to show. I will be taking a day trip in October to regroup my mind and think.



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project - A List

An excellent list from my semester study Women's History years ago. The sheet that it came on was really worn and old, obviously Xeroxed a hundreds of times. So I took the time to re-write it in Word.

I know that no one likes to admit that these things do happen. I just hope that if you do know someone, let them know that there is support. Share this with them. This refers to men as well. Domestic abuse happens to either gender.
Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
206 West Fourth Street
Duluth, Minnesota 55606

An Open System Based on Equality & Liberation

- SUPPORT: Listening to you non-judgmentally. Being emotionally affirming and understanding. Valuing your opinions.
- TRUST: Supporting your goals in life. Respecting your right to your own feelings, friends, activities and opinions.
- ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY: Accepting responsibility for behaviors and attitudes. Acknowledging past use of violence. Admitting being wrong.
- AFFIRMING RELATIONSHIPS: Developing open and genuine relationships with other people and self. Honor your right to privacy. Respecting family and friends.
- NON-THREATENING BEHAVIOR: Taking action so that you feel safe and comfortable expressing yourself and doing things. Being sensitive to others needs and preferences.
- SHARED PARTNERSHIP: Mutually agreeing on fair distribution of responsibilities. Making decisions together. There is not a “right” way to do things. Supporting your choices. Flexibility in roles.
- ECONOMIC JUSTICE: Supporting you in your decisions about work, school and money. Who pays for something should not be an issue about indebtedness or expectations.
- EMOTIONAL HONESTY: Partner lets you know when they feel afraid, insecure, etc. Communicating unhappiness. Sharing fears.
- SEXUAL EXPRESSION: Accepting that “no” means “no”. Asking, not expecting. Caring about partner’s sexual needs and wants. Sharing birth control responsibility.
- PHYSICAL SAFETY: Staying in touch with own needs and motivations. Respecting partner’s physical space. Expressing self non-violently.

A Closed System Based on Patriarchy

- EMOTIONAL ABUSE: Calling you names. Playing mind games. Making you feel bad about yourself. Putting down things you are proud of. Not respecting your needs or wants.
- ISOLATION: Controlling what you do, who you see and talk to, what you read, where you go. Moving away from friends and loved ones.
- USE OF OTHERS: Using friends, parents and/or children to relay messages. Abusing or threatening to abuse pets. Being charming in public, but switching when you are alone.
- MINIMIZATION, DENIAL & BLAME: Making light of the abuse. “Well at least I didn’t hit you.”. Not taking your concerns about it seriously. Shifting reason for abusive behavior onto you, “You’re too sensitive.”
- THREATS & INTIMIDATION: Making threats to you hurt you, leave you, commit suicide, tell your friends you are crazy. Putting you in fear with looks and actions destroying your property warning you – you may be next.
- MALE PRIVILEGE: Treating you like a servant. Abuser’s way is always the “right” way. Defining roles in the relationship. Goes out with own friends but you can’t go out with yours.
- ECONOMIC ABUSE: Preventing you from getting or keeping a job. Making you ask for money. Paying for something and holding it against you later.
- USE OF EMOTIONS: Using jealously, depression, insecurity, anger, passion, frustration, stress to justify actions, “I just want you to be all mine.”. “Help me I’m hurting.”. “I just lost control.”.
- SEXUAL ABUSE: Teasing you about your body part. Treating you like a sex object. Manipulating you to do sexual things when you do not want to. Making you feel “dirty”.
- PHYSICAL ABUSE: Pulling hair. Slapping. Pushing. Hitting. Choking. Kicking. Grabbing. Using weapons. Twisting arms. Tripping. Biting. Spitting. Restraining. Standing over you.

So much has happened!

So the life of this photographer has changed. Turkey was a life altering experience I will never forget. Not only did I had a wonderful experience, I became engaged to the friend I had traveled with. Congrats to me! woot!

It was absolutely not a "love at first sight". We had already known each other. It ended up being one of those, we knew that we were each other's halves. I feel really blessed, finally knowing that my soul mate was somewhere on this world looking for me. Nobody ever said that my other half had to be from here.

Love truly has no limits or boundaries.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1 Day Until Istanbul

Ah! It has arrived! Now that it is closer, I am very excited!

And no, I have not finished working on my Swiss images from Aug-Nov 2009. I have been spending lots of time with my nephews and they wear me out! I have been very neglectful of my photowork! But that is okay! I will have lots more from Istanbul to add. :)

Well, tons of packing left for Istanbul and my trip back to Florida.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blogging for International Women's Day

So for years, my friends know that I am a proud feminist. Not many really enjoy that concept, some applaud it and even better a tiny few are feminists as well - including guys! This year, as I find myself becoming more vocal about my viewpoints, I decided to submit my blog for International Women's Day.

So today, there will not be talk of my upcoming trip to Istanbul, or what current photowork I am doing or any new images. Just strictly talking about equal rights and what it means to an everyday citizen like myself.

I like to think that I am unique (even though I know there are plenty others like me :P) in the fact that I am nearly 30 and still single; haven't quite found my place in this wide big world; and is considerably a "lone-wolf". I spend a lot of my time traveling alone (budget-traveling of course!) to new places to see new things and meet new people. I have been blessed as one of those people that hold no grudges or prejudices against others regardless of their viewpoint or beliefs. Living my life behind my camera, I have learned that, "everyone has a story".

In my journeys, I have faced unfairness for being a woman either by other women or men and have met many closed minded people. My travels nationally and abroad have humbled me considerably in realizing that everywhere, the same issues we as women in America suffer with are happening (to various degrees) everywhere. I think as Americans we like to think that women's rights are a "western ideology" when in fact, many other cultures have either had women in power or treated them as equals as long or longer than we have in America. Since I have been following the Iraqi election, I like to reference this article: Iraq's Female Candidates, Activists Or Quota Fillers?

Being that I am looking for something completely different in a life partner, friends have laughed at me when I said that, "I seek my intellectual, emotional and spiritual equal - a person that sees me as their best friend, not as their wife." Being that I am a loner, to be molded into something I am not would be as terrible as taking my basic rights away. Equality is realizing that as an individual, we have strengths and weaknesses, and as a team, we fill in the parts needed to make a complete whole. In the workplace, as a woman, I am no less worthy of equal pay to a man just because I have breasts. If I have the same qualifications as he does, the same drive and motivation as he does, then we should be judged upon our merits and our experiences.

Equality in the household is a new subject for me to experience. In the last year, I have spent a lot of time with my sister raising 2 twin boys in their terrible twos. In German, "hausfrau" (housewife) has a very degrading connotation to it. In America, I have seen that we have lesser respect for a woman who is a housewife. My message to those people who feel as such, it is worth the $800 plane ticket and I want you to take care of my nephews for 2 days, only 48 hours. When I have them (she works part time), it is non-stop cleaning, discipline, attention giving, staying up all night, cleaning and more don't even have a second to yourself. And for the significant others who think that raising children is a picnic and you cannot wonder why your partner just wants to be alone when you come home? You have them for 48 hours straight. *laughs* I was telling a friend, "I will trade with you! I will handle angry bosses and ringing telephones for 7 hours!" Being in Switzerland has taught me a sincere respect for any housewife who actually works in their home and with their kids.

With all that said, I have done the 65 hours of work, cleaned and cooked. In an equal household, each person understand that its not one person job to take care of domestic duties. If my partner (?) and I both work and pay bills, why should it be my responsibility to take care of the house and my partner? If your mama didn't raise you to wash your own ass, then we wouldn't be togther anyways. *laughs* I sent this awesome article to a male feminist friend, She Works, They're Happy but the best paragraph from this article is this: “Women no longer need to marry up educationally or economically, so they are more likely to pick men who support a more egalitarian relationship,” said Stephanie Coontz, director of research and education for the Council on Contemporary Families and author of “Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage.” I believe every bit of that is true for the modern woman. A partnership (I don't like the word "marriage") is about teamwork.

I feel proud to be a woman in the modern world and I feel even prouder that because of modern technology; women, men, feminists, etc are able to convey their ides, share news faster and support each other. Sometimes, I wish I could do more, especially when is see articles like this: Iran Women Rights Defenders Continue Undeterred by Prison Detention

I once joked with my Art History professor when I said, "It always takes a peasant up-rival to overthrow a kingdom." That would be my message to those women in Iran (and everywhere else!) fighting for gender rights. Always remember that united we are strong.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

19 Days to Istanbul, Turkey

As titled above, only 19 days to my trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I am very excited to finally get the chance to see a country that has been on my list for a while! I had said that I no longer want to visit these "expensive to my currency" countries for a while. There are so many beautiful places out there in the world and as an American, I feel proud to be able to go and visit the world, something most Americans have no desire to do. :) Everywhere I go, I have the ability to make friends and I look forward to meet and talk to people and photograph my experience. And I cannot forget my travel partner and good friend that is accompanying me! :D

I am pretty much ready, just recharge my lithium battery for my pro camera and make sure I have enough extra batteries for my, "point-n-shoot". I also just need travel shampoo which I will get at DM in Büsingen, Germany. It's been the only store that I have found to have "travel sized" toiletries.

Also, a big thanks to the other solo travelers and photographers from that have been more than helpful about visiting Istanbul!

Bis später!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Frölich Valentinstag alle!

My newest Little Bunni puppet film is up! I am very proud of all the effort that was put into it as well! Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Enjoy it here:

While you are there, enjoy the 'sort of outtake' from the film that I posted two days ago! :)

Only 3 more days until I leave for Switzerland and 35 days until Istanbul! I am tempted to take Little Bunni to do a mini film there! :) *laughs*

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wow! Two adventures planned!

Well, I never thought that I would be going back so soon, but I am! And sadly, it may be my last trip to Switzerland for a long time.

A 5 week trip to Switzerland is at hand and a weekend in Istanbul, Turkey is part of the agenda.

I am truly excited about going to Turkey, kinda like a post-birthday present for myself for really cheap! What would have costed me to go to Disney World for ONE day; covers airfare, food and entertainment in Istanbul for a weekend! Even better, I will have a friend who knows the language waiting for me there. My first trip not alone. I am truly excited!! :) I will even get to experience a Hostel! Oh yes, expect pictures of bathrooms!

Only 2 weeks until Switzerland and 6 1/2 weeks until Istanbul! Wow.

And yes! Pics from my last trip to Switzerland will be up before I go!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Production Date for new puppet film!

I know I am terrible at keeping promises! But I have successfully edited through the 500+ images that I shot in Switzerland down to 50 images. Eventually those will be up soon!

My new puppet film, (tentative title)"Little Bunni's Valentine's Day Song" is so far going to happen. I am still waiting on a song to be edited or I will have to come up with an alternative for the song.

Production Dates as such:

Friday, Jan 29: Sound recording at FAU, if song is ready.

Thursday, Feb 4: Outdoor shots for the "day dream" sequence at Morikami Gardens (

Sunday, Feb 7: Shooting the actual stage and puppets.

Sunday, Feb 14: Will be uploaded to You Tube!

I cross my fingers that everything will go well. Script and story board is completed and reviewed with Nicholous.

Hopefully Germany will not ban my film this time! :)

- Rebekah

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

I can't believe that it's 2010! Already another decade gone!

Well, my plans and goals for this year:

1. Loose the next 30 lbs. I have lost 80 lbs total!

2. Get a better job. I have discovered something wonderful. One of my goals that I thought was impossible to obtain, a friend told me of a way to make it possible! So I need to get myself on track.

3. Post the pics from the professional camera that I took in Switzerland. I will get those up by my birthday. I have over 500 images to look through!

4. Post more images on here. Period!

5. Travel to another foreign country, again! I can't afford Switzerland (it's so expensive ;_;) and my sister is planning on coming here anyways this year. A nice cheap country, so any suggestions and no where cold please!

6. Had another brain storm. Yet another dream I hope to save for.

7. See if I can get some writings published. I want to submit some of my short stories, don't know to whom. They are all abstract.

...I think that's it for now!

Frohe Neues Jahr alle!