Thursday, September 30, 2010

63 Days until another trip

Ah! so the countdown has begun! In 63 days I will be heading back to Switzerland. 2 days after that, back to Turkey. Then back to CH for some highly needed time with my sister and her critters.

I will be wedding dress shopping in St. Gallen and I look forward to be carrying a dress back with me to the states for my upcoming wedding. How is that going? Currently, at a stand still. With my fiance waiting for his visa interview, there is not much I can do. Without a wedding date, you cannot reserve or book anything, barely can you even get a consultation! ...weddings, its a business...I am not upset, i used to assist in wedding photography, i understand!

Ugh, I am so bad about putting pictures up on this thing. Yes, i need to. I do not like being in front of the computer long so usually after I am done, i turn off my laptop for the day. GASP!! Dare I say I can live without the computer for most of the day???!!! Modern day sacrilege!!

Hahahahaa, some of us prefer to have lives and I enjoy mine. :) I do not understand how people can sit in front of one of these things for hours and hours. There is this really cool place that exists outside your door...

Anyways, I am itching to do another puppet short. I have been working on a few ideas for this one. I would like to do a more serious film. The last short, i experimented with making my own music. Maybe this time, really work on that too.

Next week, i begin belly dancing for 8 weeks. Its been a goal of mine for 5 years and I am happy to begin it. It will finished right before I leave so its a perfect distraction before my trip!

Tutoring is going well also. My student is in Honduras visiting her family for a few weeks so I have been working on how to explain English prepositions better to her. I'd like to try and find like a children worksheet or something...hrm...i think i know a teacher I can bum off of :)

Job hunting is...job hunting. Working at Macy's is okay for now but definitely not something i want to do in the long term. Since i began job hunting 3 years ago, i have applied to well over 300 positions...nothing. I am currently working with the alumni resource personnel to rebuild my paper resume. She thinks its too long and "wordy". Its hard when you have done so much!

My goal this year is to begin a new portfolio and a new sketchbook. Time to have updated work (other than my travels) to show. I will be taking a day trip in October to regroup my mind and think.