Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gradute School Week 5

So I know it has been forever. I have been going through a period of transition in my life - rather favorable ones, thank you.

Remember all my GRE madness and tears? Well I ended up being accepted into graduate school at my first choice, The University of Alabama. I am actually very excited and I feel very positive that I made the right choice. I am loving reading and discussing about the things (and then some) that I do on a daily basis. It really makes you re-evaluate yourself when you are going in depth about the principles of your future profession. I am so glad!

My husband and I and a fantastical road trip to the University that housed many mis-adventures (as expected), but we came home alive and well.

I have been delving into baking some more, I feel like it has become my catharsis from reading numerous articles, processing rather technical information and jargon-loaded language - I do enjoy it! I had my first paper due tonight and it ended up being a subject matter that I would LOVE to expand on in the future, maybe as a thesis or something.

No worries! More baking fun to come!

Group photo of my cohort. We are all distance students.