Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6 weeks in.

So far, all is good and I am very happy. A little stressed out but when you live at home, that's already a given.

My beloved hubbykins is really motivating me to push forward and challenge myself - and he knows how to do it the right way with a new lens for my camera. Then filters to fit those lenses and finally, something I have always wanted, a really good camera bag that is ergonomic and I can travel and hike with. ... like I said, the best!

 Took advantage of some Vistaprint awesomeness and ordered some promotional materials. That will be coming in sometime in the next few weeks. 

Plans for the summer? Of course!! Alizza revamped my laptop so I need to reload everything into it. This summer is building a new portfolio and getting my writing into gear and also get down the last 40 lbs. I do have one student for the summer that I meet twice a week for English. She needs to be able to read at a 2nd grade level for the next school year.