Thursday, June 19, 2014

May Baking

It's always been a while. I have finally recuperated from my May class (says a lot in itself). I took some time off this month to work on my writing and baking. Today I just want to throw this up with my progress in baking.

Victorian sponge: I was very proud of my frosting for this. Part homemade buttercream and part heavy whipping cream, this turned out to be the ultimate whipped frosting that my husband will eat. Not too sweet, light and fluffy, but not going to fall apart in the Florida humidity. The cake itself still needs work in the texture. This was the third attempt.


Blueberry pie: Which is my ultimate favorite. As much as I do like the other pies, what I cannot understand is why you want to disguise the delicious fruit with tablespoons of cinnamon and cloves (which obliterates every flavor), gobs of syrup, and/or a boat-load of sugar? That's the beauty of fruit pies, just enjoy them. I made this during Father's Day as an homage to my father who was the best pie maker I ever ran across. I did tweak his recipe a bit because his blueberry pie was always very runny (used corn starch). Blueberry pie is one that can make in my sleep because it's so easy. The dough, well, still working on it. :) I realized that we actually threw away the rolling pin because it was nothing but splinters, but I had an unopened bottle of wine from our anniversary that worked just dandy! This time I worked on making it look aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty!

Next entry I'll be sharing some really great references I found online while researching for my writing!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! They both tasted great too!

  2. Ooh, fancy! You made those stars yourself?! I seriously doubt my ability to make anything look that good, let alone from scratch. I can do it if I'm supervised, but by myself? Not yet. Lol! ^_^

    1. Thanks Krystal! I used a 2in star cookie cutter. I just kept re-rolling out the dough scraps. Practice makes perfect! If you like blueberries, I'll send you the blueberry pie recipe. It is very easy, it was the first pie my dad taught me how to make, and you can use the Pillsbury pie dough.

    2. Yeah, totally! I'd love to have a go at it. ^_^

  3. Hello, dear sister! Your pie is simply gorgeous! I really love how you used the star cutter for your top crust. And I agree with you that the fruit should be allowed to speak for itself, as it were, lol :-) All too often it's just too sweet, or so much cinnamon or nutmeg is used that it's (almost) no longer a fruit pie! Your cake is beautiful, as well! It truly look incredibly tasty. I wish that I could have a little of both, with a little coffee, and just talk! Ooooohh, I just love deserts (obviously)!