Sunday, July 6, 2014

Interesting reference links for story research and writing: Florida, Orkney Islands, Floklore, USA, Georgia.

I'm always running across some really amazing webpages when researching for my book, library school project/paper, and character background for D&D. I thought I share the love since these people work so hard to put all this amazing information together in a very organized well referenced manner. Maybe their content will help you too.

1. Georgia, Love Your Country, Love your Chokha. These beautiful historical costumes are made by Samoseli Pirveli who is all about keeping the traditional costuming of Georgian Republic alive. You can rent these gorgeous costumes in Georgia. After creating two characters from this diverse region, I am also in love with the chohka and the chakura. Gorgeous visual reference to inspire! Mr. Samoseli has a Facebook account and you can be updated with new costumes and news.

2. SurLaLune Fairytales: What an absolute find this was! They feature 49 annotated (shortened versions) fairy tales, AND include their histories, AND the similar version of the tale across cultures, AND their modern interpretations, as well as the titles of the books that have the full versions (to find at the library or buy). This is a great research site because if you were looking for all the versions of Cinderella, they have it, then you can go out and buy/borrow it.

3. American Folklore: another find to bookmark and keep! This site contains retelling of folktales, myths, legends, fairy tales, superstitions, weather-lore, and ghost stories from all over the America. They even have a section for those new to American folktales (Who was Paul Bunyan?) or are curious about something (Why is a black cat bad luck?). They even have some great spooky American ghost stories!

4. Wild Florida Eco Travel Guide:  Florida?? Yes. Most of my stories are based in Florida because we have such a weird history here, and we are so much more than tourism. This guide is very comprehensive about the flora and fauna here in Florida, and it even goes over invasive species. you can search by category (ie, frogs, flowers, etc) or by name.

5. Orkneyjar, the Heritage of the Orkney Islands: The Orkney Islands are a cold remote island off of Scotland. Based on the idea that the people are no longer telling folktales (it's reviving!), the creator of this site built a beautiful site in preserving the unique tales of this island alive. If you are looking for bizarre mer-folk (mermaid) tales, tales of magical beings, ghosts, Valkyries, and Arthurian legends, etc. this is the place to go to. All these tales revolve around the dark cold water around them, and they have such beautiful disturbing feel. There is also a link to the heritage or the Orkney Islands.

6. CreepyPasta: Don't let the silly title fool you. You have to be 18 and up to enter this site because the horror short stories on here will keep you up at night. Seriously, the Russian Sleep Experiment kept me thinking for days. The short stories revolve around ghosts, secret societies, and cults. They are not for the faint of heart. And there are some very good people (like MrCreepyPasta) who recite these stories on YouTube.

That's it. I realized I had a lot so I'll do another one in the future of artists I found. Hope this helps some of you discover new things.


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